Scope of Work History

Will Thomas has more than 40 years of hands-on construction, education and residential design experience. He has prepared plans for more than 600 residential projects. Almost all were within 35 miles of Seattle, with others more distant. 

Will is a WSABD Certified Building Designer, a Professional Member of the Washington Association of Building Officials and a Member of the Green River Community College Design & Drafting Advisory Committee

The Photos

All these projects, from all these years, have produced a few thousand drawings & photos. The images shown here are meant to be examples of different types of design solutions. Although at this point it feels like most of what kind of projects could occur, have been resolved. 

This info is presented so you can be confident in knowing he will address any new home, addition or remodel job you may be considering. 


If you have questions, want to talk-through any idea or concern, Will offers an Initial Site Visit Consulting service, charged at his usual hourly rate. You incur no further obligation for this site visit. Most of these visits run from 1.5 to 3 hours. 

If your property is somewhat distant, he can meet you at an in-between coffee shop - just need a large table in a quiet place.

Usually it's best to meet on a weekend afternoon, to make it easier for all involved parties to attend. Your questions will receive direct and straightforward answers. 

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