A Good Design is what Makes The Difference

Will has drawn plans for more than 600 projects, over 40-plus years in the industry. Scope of Work: Concept to Permit.

About the work

Areas of Specialty

+ Seamless Additions - The new work should be a natural extension of the existing home, whether a Craftsman Style or recently built house. 

+ Older Home Styles  - Such as Craftsman, Queen Anne, Tudor or Seattle War House. Knowing the design elements of each style, and especially how older homes were built (different than today) is essential to a successful project. 

+ Waterfront & View Lots - Where the design goal is for the floor plan to enable the most view. 

+ Difficult & Unique - For those site troubles needing extra attention.

+ Client Participation - Your ideas are welcome. The first step is preparing the Client Criteria List, and the structural drawings are not started until you approve the Preliminary Plans. 

The Human Touch

Will is old-school, prefers in-person, on-site meetings to talk-through the many aspects & concerns of your project. Aging-In-Place, Green & Energy-Efficient, Narrow & Small Lot - he has experience in these, and more.

Want to Talk More?

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