Before & after photos - additions and new homes

Above is the AFTER photo.


A partial second story addition, with new covered porch at the entry, all windows replaced, new siding & roofing. And a circular drive with terrific landscaping was placed in the large front yard, with new detached garage to the left.


Above - The original house, a 1960s Rambler.


To the left - The first change; partial second story addition, new entry covered porch, new windows, siding & roofing. 


Four Square home.

The AFTER photo of a second story addition and full-house renovation. The photo was taken near the end of construction, before railings were added. 


BEFORE photo

A 1960s house with very dated features.


Kitchen Expansion

The AFTER photo - It was important for the pushed-out kitchen wall, to the left of the original dining room bump-out, to blend with the existing home.


The BEFORE photo

A true Craftsman Style home, about 90 years old. A tiny kitchen, at the left corner, wanting very much to be big. 


New Simplified Craftsman Home

The owners loved the look & feel of an old Craftsman, but wanted a more simple, easier-to-build & maintain design. 


New Craftsman Style home

Fundamental design elements were included. Kneebraces, shingled & stepped gables, wide covered porch with stone base columns, garage facing to the right side and many era-consistent decorative details.  


Garage to Side

Here's a pic of the around-the-corner garage to the new home above. Many clients ask to NOT locate the pig-snout of a garage facing the street, to keep the front presentation more subdued & classic.


The BEFORE photo

An older beach cottage with a history of many additions & remodels.


The AFTER photo

Yes, the walls of that old cottage are still there - it's just that this project was a HUGE set of additions, much larger than the original house. For a timeless traditional presentation. 



1960s Brick Rambler with daylight basement and view deck.

AFTER - Addition & Renovation


Unique Contemporary Blend of curves & angles. New owner suite with view deck of Puget Sound was brought forward over new garage - which was actually built in front of the old one. Plus change in driveway layout and new stairs up to primary deck & enlarged entry. And the new small dormer over the great room forms a vaulted lightwell.

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AFTER - Looks & feels so much bigger


This was a small, all-interior project, of fairly low-cost. Shown here with the "before" pic, to illustrate the importance of good design. New matching 3rd window, under-counter refrigerator, white countertops - all add to the feeling of a fun & inviting space.



Tall, dark cabinets, counters and the dark flooring trap light, make the space feel smaller. And the old windows on a view wall are small.

AFTER - Alternate view into kitchen


A great feature was the wrap-around window seat - just the thing for kicking-back after a day at the beach. And the bench height can fit a small table so a few more can eat together.


BEFORE photo to left.

A genuine pre-WWII Tudor home with brick accents at entry steps.


The AFTER photo

Seamless Addition to Tudor Home. You have to look at this one closely to see the new part. The primary steep-pitch roof was made bigger (much wider room inside), and the entry covered porch was brought forward with new posts bearing on the existing brick bases. 


The BEFORE photo

Craftsman Bungalow with classic Shed Dormer


The AFTER photo

The addition really was for a Mom-in-Law unit, Its flat roof is a roof deck, to enjoy the view of Puget Sound. Deck access is from the original upper story - see the door on the side of the old gable wall?


Seamless Addition

Pre-WWII Shingle Tudor home. The owner's primary desire was for the new work to look like it was always there.



SEAMLESS ADDITION. Can you see the addition? Most people have to count windows to see where the new work begins. 


New Timeless/Craftsman Style home. The owners loved Craftsman homes, but wanted a more simple, easier-to-build design. The owner suite balcony, with a privacy wall instead of classic railing, looks over Puget Sound. 



Classic Craftsman Bungalow 1920s



Second Story Addition & Whole-House Renovation. The footprint of the home was not enlarged - the design just makes it look bigger. The failing brick chimney was replaced with a two-story bay window. And the shed-roof porch provided view access for the 3 new dormers, with opening skylights in the new centered shed dormer.


New Waterfron View Home - High Bank

Also based on a more simplified approach to the classic Craftsman form. With a wrap-around covered deck from the entry porch to the lake view. And living space inside the garage attic with its own gable dormer.



A fairly plain 1960s Rambler


AFTER - Completely New Appeal

And yes, the primary scope of work was just adding an 8-foot covered front porch. Same front door, same front wall & windows. What made the difference was extending the existing roof line, AND the new trim & paint theme. Good example of the design importance. 


BEFORE - 1940s Seattle War House

These were functional small homes, built in its own minimalist approach for the era. 


AFTER - Not so little anymore

A mix of some basic Victorian lines, extending the existing bay window into the new second story, and aligning other primary design components. Plus a traditional trim band and choosing narrow siding exposure. And a covered view deck is set below the new roof gable to the right. 



The downslope view of a 1970s daylight basement home - located on 3.5 acres with a 4-horse barn.


AFTER - Kentucky Horse Ranch

Yes, the owners wanted a two-story home that looked like a horse ranch from the South. Note the little roof point on the right is from the existing roof peak. The rest is the addition - larger than the existing house, with covered veranda-style deck looking over the horse barn and riding pens to the left & below the main house. 



True 1920s one-story Craftsman Style 



Seamless Addition. The client criteria was for the partial second-story addition to match the existing classic theme, to provide a house-wide Owner Suite within the space of a crossing steep-pitch gable roof & front dormer system. Note the new balcony between the two existing gables. 


Addition Interior

The beam framing of this design solution lends itself nicely to a vaulted ceiling with its wonderful feeling of airy space. The 2 doors to left are for the walk-in closet and owner bath. The French Door to the right is at a wide top-of-stair landing, and opens to the view balcony.