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Above - Was once a one-story home. 

Before - A Classic Craftsman Bungalow, complete with shed dormer. 

Bauer after

After - Seamless Design addition for grandma, with roof deck, access by door from existing upper story, and a ramp to separate entry under the extended roof at the right-hand side. New landscaping. 

Before - A true Craftsman Bungalow from the 1920s. A classic, but short on living space.

After - Increasing the roof slope provided space for 2 rooms & a bath upstairs, with an open "look-down" interior landing at the new stairwell. Note the footprint of the home did not expand; the selection of finish materials is what made the structure appear larger. The main floor South-facing windows were designed to be passive solar features.

Before - A 1940s War House. Minimum shelter.

After - Second & Attic Story addition, with face lift. The original bay window shape was continued up, right-hand set-backed wall was moved forward. The width of the home did not change; window location & "scale" of designed features added the larger-house presentation.

Before - A really terrific pre-WWII home. The primary client request was that the desired addition "match" the existing home.

SEAMLESS    Many viewers of this After photo have needed to count the windows to see where the addition is located. Some have called it Will's Invisible Addition. 

Before - A traditional Colonial Style home. But where is the front door weather protection, here in the Northwest?

After - A seamless addition. At left, the main story came forward 6 feet to add space. The new covered entry porch with a classic square column & pediment presentation, and match-to-existing gable roof, made use of the existing concrete steps. And the 6-foot depth was continued to the right to provide a covered porch sitting area. 

Before - An authentic 1910s Craftsman Style home, not far from Seattle's University District. Wonderful kneebrace detail, inset porch, original wood-pane windows. Client wanted an Owner's Suite in an upstairs addition. And it could NOT look like an addition.

After - The design solution was to create a large attic-type space within crossing gable roofs with a 12:12 slope. The "side" portions, like wide dormers, were given 5-foot high kneewalls, to provide an old-home-style feel inside. Existing trim details copied exactly to the addition. The new upper story balcony with railing at the front is just-a-step from the new stair landing - where the West view looks across this established Seattle area to the distanct Olympic Mountains. And as requested by the client: A Seamless Addition.

After - The interior of the new Owner Suite. Stairwell & landing/balcony to the right; Owner Bath & Walk-In Closet through the 2 doors to the left; Owner Office to be at the opposing dormer, with a bright & warm Salmon color on the 5-foot kneewalls. 

Before - A fairly plain 1970s home. Clients desired a whole-house renovation & second story addition, to an 80-year-old style.

After - A Four-Square design, with rework of the existing structure to provide a seamless presentation. This style was popular in the 1920s & 1930s, but not as well-known as Crafstman or Tudor. When the railing & finish steps are completed, the finished work should be stunning.

The "new" kitchen to this old home (the Four-Square one above). Note the wider space provided for one of those old country stoves. The clients have an extraordinary eye for era detail.

Before - A fairly ordinary 1960s tract home. Clients wanted a low-cost project that would update & add value to their home.

After - Timeless. A traditional old-home-style covered porch, at the existing front entry. To make it seamless, the balance of the home was reworked to match the addition theme. It was just a front porch addition, but it transformed the appearance of the entire home. 

New Home - Designed with traditional components, to follow a somewhat streamlined Craftsman Style. Three-car garage doors are on the right-hand side of the house, to preserve the old-home-style appearance.

Before - A true one-story Craftsman Style. Client desired a full second story addition. 

After - Original main story kept, repaired, painted. Original period details were repeated in the second floor addition. 

New Home - Using classic & timeless design elements, the focus of the home is directed to looking over the lake below.

New Home - A little more than 4,200 sq. ft. of living area. Using a fairly modern interpretation to the Craftsman Style theme. 

New Home Interior at front window. The clients were very active in their church, and wanted a cross designed into the front presentation of the home. "It shouldn't look like a church," they said, "But we want a cross in the design." Within the custom layout of the tall window above the entry & upper stair landing, a cross was designed - not noticed from the outside (because of the outdoor light effect) - but visible to the interior.

Before - A 1960s Rambler. Client wanted more space, and a much nicer looking home.

After - Partial second story addition over the garage area. New entry covered porch. Complete rework of exting home exterior, plus replacement windows, to tie-in the addition theme. Seamless.

Before - This house was built some 90 years ago as a true Craftsman Style. But its owner was visited by a siding salesman in the 1960s, and removed all the wonderful Craftsman trim & features. The design challenge was to return the home to its original authentic style.

After - The boxy, closed-in entry porch was rebuilt to the original configuration with classic tapered, square columns on a used brick base. And a variation from the typical square-cut theme was to design an arch (not a Craftsman feature) framing the vaulted porch roof ceiling.

Before - The clients of this 1970s daylight basement house loved their view across Puget Sound, but wanted more space, and "not a classic style, but something really pretty."

After - A blend of traditional & contemporary elements. The double-arch, double doors above the curved wide balcony, open from the new Owner Suite. Where, because of slope and projecting the main floor level forward, the clients now have a view of the Sound they did not think possible.

Before - A 1970s house. The clients owned about 5 acres and had 3 horses, wanted a large addition & whole-house renovation to turn it into a Kentucky horse estate.

After - The home doubled in size. You can see a portion of the old roofs to the right-hand side of the structure. With two-story tall, massive square columns supporting an full-length covered porch. I believe Scarlet called it a veranda. The clients recently called Will back to design a detached garage, shop & RV storage building.

New house - A retirement home for husband & wife, located on a lake, with family/guest quarters over the detached garage. 

Many, many more "before" & "after" photos are available. Will has prepared plans for more than 400 residential projects so far, over 38 years. You can feel confident in knowing he will address any new home, addition or remodel job you may be considering. 

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