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Above is a new home, built last Summer. It's the retirment home for the owners, all one level - no stairs for aching legs to climb. With extra-wide doors for possible wheelchair living, if that should occur. The two small dormers open into lightwells over the Great Room and Kitchen areas. 

Below is the "before" photo of a 1980s contemporary home with daylight basement. 

And here, below, is the in-progress addition. To the right a nice and spacious Great Room over an attached two-car garage below. To the left, adding a classic king-post beam gable roof over the existing deck. 

Here below, is the latest revision to the Craftsman Bungalow project now on my drawing board. The prior version was the result of a major renovation of the existing home, now replaced with a completely new residence, a client decision that allowed for far greater design flexibility. 

The front presentation is now able to be symmetrical, which was a common, perhaps essential, configuration to design work of the original Bungalow era. 

Below is the left-side view of the new home. Showing the wrap-around porch extension to the client-requested private side entrance, in addition to the main entry shown above. At the left side of the drawing, at the second floor level, is a balcony for the Owner Suite. It is in front of the classic shed dormer & set into the low-slope porch roof - to take in the lakefront exposure.

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