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March 2015 - The new home in last stage of construction. To the right is the matching detached garage & shop, with recreation room above.

July 15, 2014: Above is the front elevation view of a new lakefront home, presenting a mix of old-style board & bat with classic shingles. The Newton Residence, currently in permit review by the small town building department - located at the base of the Cascade Foothills about 40 miles South West of Seattle. 

The wife of the retired couple is an established artist in the Puget Sound area, and requested a garage-size artist studio. Which is shown at the left front of the main story in the blueprint.

The studio will receive natural lighting from the West and the North windows. And its wide French door will open to a garden-wrapped paver patio. 

The main story has 1,549 sq. ft. and the partial second story has 923.1 sq. ft. The Great Room with open dining area & kitchen look across a paver patio and lawn to a natural lake. 

Hoping to begin building soon.

Above is a portion of the front view blueprint for a new home. The client wanted a large, 38-foot wide octagon space for the Great Room with open Kitchen and Wet Bar. And the request was made for an 8-foot tall round-top iron entry door, as shown. The covered porch features a Tudor Style barrel vault above a stone facade and with 18-inch square columns.

Craftsman Bungalow, before railings and 18-inch square columns & finishing touches are installed - which will truly enhance its classic old style presentation.

Current Projects

Above is a new home, built last Summer. It's the retirment home for the owners, all one level - no stairs for aching legs to climb. With extra-wide doors for possible wheelchair living, if that should occur. The two small dormers open into lightwells over the Great Room and Kitchen areas. 

Below is the "before" photo of a 1980s contemporary home with daylight basement. 

And here, below, is the in-progress addition. To the right a nice and spacious Great Room over an attached two-car garage below. To the left, adding a classic king-post beam gable roof over the existing deck. 

Below is the latest revision to a Craftsman Bungalow project. The prior version was the result of a major renovation of the existing home, now replaced with a completely new residence, a client decision that allowed far greater design flexibility. 

The front presentation is now able to be symmetrical, which was a common, perhaps essential, configuration to design work of the original Bungalow era. 

Below is the left-side view of the new home. Showing the wrap-around porch extension to the client-requested private side entrance, in addition to the main entry shown above. At the left side of the drawing, at the second floor level, is a balcony for the Owner Suite. It is in front of the classic shed dormer & set into the low-slope porch roof - to take in the lakefront exposure.

Below is a current drawing of the primary view face of a 3-story addition to an existing home in South Pugest Sound. While not a typical design for the northwest, the original home had a European flavor to its presentation, with a molded stucco-like finish. The top floor makes use of living height space within its attic, and provides an unexpected view over many homes below the site, to a large harbor, with stunning sunsets.

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